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    The Rabble are a punk rock band from Auckland, New Zealand, that formed in the NZ summer of 2000/2001. Their official myspace page went live on 29 February 2004. The Rabble are strong believers in the DIY attitude. They write and record their own music and music videos, with help from friends and family. Their first webisode is out on their myspace page now, and more are released every 2 weeks. They collaborated with Mark Unseen of Boston band The Unseen to create the song/video for "This World is Dead" from their latest album The Battle's Almost Over. The Rabble were on tour in the UK and Europe from August to January 2009 [citation needed] as well as writing and recording for their next album. 6 drum tracks were recorded at York Street studios in Auckland early in 2008 [citation needed], and the bass and guitars are being tracked at Number 8 wire Recording studio, once again by Chazz Rabble.[citation needed].The band say they feel that this next album will once again be a step up from their last, "it's more mature yet still addictive and fun."[citation needed] In April 2010 they were in line-up at Punk & Disorderly Festival in Berlin.


    01 - No Clue, No Future
    02 - My Way
    03 - The Coast Song
    04 - Old Friends
    05 - Our Lives
    06 - Down On Your Luck
    07 - Police & Thieves
    08 - Friday Night


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